Will voters seek to recall some Shreveport City Council members? Columnist John Settle gives his opinion on what's at stake.

Maybe it’s the hot , hot weather.

Maybe it’s the back to school blues.

Maybe it’s the "delay bug" that has obviously bitten 3 Shreveport council members.

Maybe it’s a belief that individual council members favor existing liquor stores over opening up sales in grocery stores.

Maybe it’s a growing sentiment that its time for the council to do something other than repeal sagging pants and impose a garbage fee.

Whatever is/are the motivating factors, the rumor mill has been following the local temps. It’s heating up.

Many citizens–not the social media crowd that will opine on any topic–believe that the voters should have a say on relevant issues. That they voted for a council representative, not a king/queen to make all the decisions.

Whatever it is, the current sentiment by council members Levette Fuller, John Nickelson, and Grayson Boucher to oppose any bond project is becoming less and less acceptable each hour.

Especially for citizens who want police substations, better roads, improved drainage, and other essential government services.

Talk of a recall election is just that–talk. But it is disconcerting. And it's not likely to happen because of the tedious requirements to put the issue on the ballot.

But this talk is indicative of voter disapproval.

Maybe when LSU and Saints football cranks up, venting on elected officials will subside. If nothing else, citizens can yell at football officials.

But voters have long memories–especially on 1) police, 2) streets, 3) drainage and 4) council members who play the delay game.