The new defensive line coach for Pleasant Grove, Ty Taylor recently began a new podcast about football.

Lucky for us, Coach Taylor's first podcast was a "get to know me" podcast about the coach himself. It was recorded in February 2019, so it is very current and will be very informative for Pleasant Grove football team members, parents and PG staff. You can listen below.

The podcast is called "Keep Your Pads Down: A Podcast for the Men in the Trenches," and it is a perfect venue for the charismatic 33-year-old Taylor.

The coach talks to a wide variety of people. His latest podcast (June  3) discusses new UIL rule changes for the 2019 season with Mike Wise, director of training and rules interpretation for the Texas Association of Sports Officials.

You can listen to Coach Taylor talk about his very interesting history below by pushing the play button. In addition, we have included his most recent podcast about UIL rule changes.

After you hear the coach talk, you will realize that that Ty Taylor was a great hire for Pleasant Grove who is full of vigor and passion. Coming to Pleasant Grove HS football is a great career move for the coach as well.

Hopefully, Coach Taylor will celebrate his first 4A state championship with the PG Hawks in the 2019-2020 school year.

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(Below) This is the first episode of Coach Taylor's podcast recorded in February 2019 in which the coach details his life story.

(Below) This is the latest episode of Coach Taylor's podcast which discusses 2019 UIL football rule changes.