Thirty-three year old Coach Ty Taylor is coming to Pleasant Grove High School as the new defensive line coach and will be leaving Kerrville, Texas' Tivy High School after six seasons there.

Taylor has been a popular coach in Kerrville, and head coach David Jones called a meeting of the Tivy team on May 24 to allow Coach Taylor to break the news himself.

The usually boisterous public speaker had difficulty informing the team he was leaving. According to the Kerrville Daily Times, Taylor had a few tears as he finished his speech, and some of the team members did as well.

Taylor told the Daily Times that Pleasant Grove, which has been a football powerhouse in recent years, was a wise move. He said Texarkana was only a three hour drive from his wife's parents and that his young son and daughter would benefit from being closer to their loving grandparents.

The Daily Times was effusive in its praise for Taylor, saying that parents of football team members always remarked about the strong character of Coach Taylor.

One of the most unique things the coach did at Tivy High School was arrive at 6 am every morning to workout. This encouraged team members to do the same, and it is this kind of positive encouragement that has won the defensive line coach kudos from around the state of Texas.

Coach Taylor, his wife Chelsea, daughter Gracie and son Hutch will move from Kerrville to Texarkana over the summer.

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