If you want a winning football team, maybe you should find a coach with a lot of championship titles under his belt who knows the area like the back of his hand. That must be what ran through the minds of the decision-makers on the selection committee for the job of head coach and athletic director of North DeSoto High School. That's because they chose a proven winner: Coach Dennis Dunn.

Dunn is well known as a both a coach and pastor. He previously coached in Pineville and at Shreveport's Woodlawn. He was a nine-time state title winner as coach of the Evangel Eagles. For eleven years, Dunn was also head coach of Louisiana College.

NDHS will benefit from this proven leader, and Dunn said he was honored to return to the area. "For me this an opportunity to come home," said Dunn. "I have felt that one day I might get a chance to coach again where it all started for me. To be able to come back at this stage in my career is truly humbling. I have the utmost respect for Coach Ab and the job he did here for many years. We will try to add to the legacy of what has already been established."

The new coach said he was lucky to already have friends in the community, and this will help him start the new job feeling confident. But he said he looks forwards to creating new connections as well. "I have many friends in this community," Dunn added. "I look forward to connecting with old friends and establishing new relationships in the place I love and call home.”