The Insane Chef decided to visit the well-known French Market Express in Natchitoches, and he posted a short and interesting video about it on his YouTube channel on Tuesday.

Open 24 hours, French Market Express is well known by locals and tourists. And it is also famous for its exceptional flavors and pantry selection of Louisiana food products.

We spoke to the friendly Jodie Lacour, who works at the local business, and she said everyone should visit because the Natchitoches meat pies are great. "People also love the shimp po' boy," Lacour said. "We also have daily lunches, and today was delicious shrimp fettuccine."

Regarding the meat pies, Lacour was proven right: The Insane Chef was truly impressed with the meat pie. He said: "pretty damn good meat pie there." The chef also tried the Boudin balls.

The huge selection of Louisiana products also wowed the Insane Chef who liked the wide variety of products: "Never in your life seen so many seasonings, gumbo mixes and good stuff in the French Market" the Insane Chef said on the video.

Everyone around here knows Natchitoches has some of the best food in the USA, and it is always nice to see other people recognize it, too.

French Market Express is located at 5109 University Pkwy, Natchitoches, LA 71457. It is open 24 hours a day.