Just taking a few steps into a favorite Texarkana destination can provide a mountain of decorating ideas for fall - or any season. 

Now through Saturday afternoon, vendors have organized a week-long Fall Festival that has already begun with lots of surprises for visitors.

According to its biggest fans, Owl's Nest on the Boulevard in Texarkana is one of the best places in the Ark-La-Tex to find current decorating trends and artisan crafts.

It's more than a flea market, according to many. That's why some people call it a "Flea Market Boutique."

Jayna McKinnon of the Owl's Nest said the Fall Festival has begun and will be happening through Saturday with extra special fun, such as a pumpkin decorating contest and giveaways.

"Customers can come in (until the close of business on Saturday) and vote for their favorite pumpkins which were decorated by vendors. They can also register for door prizes at the same time," McKinnon said. "There are different kinds of pumpkins, such as painted pumpkins and even a stone pumpkin."

Lucky customers who find unique "leaf" Fall Festival price tags made by Lisa Black are in for a special treat as well.

"We made special tags, and one of our vendors who also cashiers and is a teacher made adorable tags in shape of a leaf," McKinnon said. "If you find a leaf tag (that's only good through Saturday), you will get an extra special deal."

This means customers have to carefully look at each booth to find the special tags.

According to McKinnon, the success of Owl's Nest on the Boulevard is due to the hard work of its vendors. She said many sellers have had booths at the business for several years.

"The booths are more mature here than you will see elsewhere in the area," McKinnon said. "Vendors work so hard at it."

She added: "You really can walk through the store and become inspired by the creativity of the vendors. I am always amazed at what will come next."

McKinnon said the  collective talent of the vendors of Owl's Nest on the Boulevard inspires her as well. She said people always tell her about the interesting products they find.

She said vendors at the Owl's Nest travel far and wide to find these unique items for customers.

Sellers, such as Karen Reavis from Space 88, also enjoy telling current and prospective customers about new finds on social media.

"I love the thrill of the hunt," Reavis told fans of the Owl's Nest on Wednesday. "The surprise when you open a barn door and get to go dig in an attic or get a call from someone that says 'I’ve got some stuff I need to get rid of” All my junkin’ friends are the best! It’s a big family."

The Fall Festival ends Saturday, but another event is around the corner: The Owl's Nest on the Boulevard's 6th Anniversary!

"Our biggest event of the year is the anniversary sale the first week of December," McKinnon said. "This is the highlight of the year for us, and we have great deals, special items, and cool appetizers all week long."

Of course, visitors will also be advised to pick up one thing that makes Owl's Nest on the Boulevard so special: Miss Shirley's homemade sourdough bread!

"It seems like everyone in town loves the sourdough bread, I also have to mention her cinnamon raisin bread, too," she said.


Owl's Nest on the Boulevard is located at 4720 Texas Blvd in Texarkana, Texas. It opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm.

While you are visiting at the Owl's Nest on the Boulevard in Texarkana, take time to vote on your favorite pumpkin decorated by local vendors.