Everyone in Shreveport may have wondered this at one time or another. Now columnist John Settle asks the question: "So what are the duties of the Airport Authority Board?"

No, they do not fly planes into and out of Shreveport Regional Airport or the Shreveport downtown airport.

Nor do they sell plane tickets, weight luggage, and load/unload the planes.

The Airport Authority–which is a city agency–is represented by a five-person voluntary board which serves on rotating terms. The board members are appointed on staggered terms by the mayor of Shreveport when their terms expire.

Current board members are Waynette Ballengee (chair), Grant Nuckolls (vice-chair), Jonathan Reynolds, Margaret Shehee, and Mary Jackson.

The airport website states that "the director of airports reports to the Shreveport Airport Authority and the Mayor."

The airport board recommended the hiring of the last full time airport director–Henry Thompson.

Their were many complaints by the aviation community about Thompson. After a meeting in early January of this year with then new Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins, Thompson resigned.

The airport board retained the services of a head hunter firm to find candidates for the open director position. The board chose the same firm that had recommended Thompson for the job.

Reportedly there were the head hunter received 20 applications. These have been pared down to 10 for board consideration.

The board has appointed 2 members–the board chair Waynette Ballengee and Jonathan Reynolds–to select the final candidates for full board consideration.

That person, or persons, will be forwarded to Mayor Perkins for nomination to the council.

It is unknown at this time if only  one person will be recommended or more than one.

The city council must approve the appointment of the airport director–just like other appointments by the mayor.

The time line is not known, however, it is expected to be completed in the new few months.

The next board meeting is Thurs. Sept. 19 in the regional airport board room. The 10 a.m. meeting is open to the public.