Columnist John Settle is puzzled, and he is asking a simple question: Are Councilmen Nickelson and Boucher leaking the audit report?

"Loose Lips Sink Ships"

This phrase was coined in Word War II by the U.S. Office of War Information. This was an effort to mitigate the risk of leaking information to enemy spies.

And it served a great purpose during the war.

Evidently Shreveport council members John Nickelson and Grayson Boucher realize the significance of this phrase.

Rather than buttoning their lips, they have publicly made many comments about the yet to be  released 2018 Legislative Audit of Shreveport’s Finance Department.

Both Nickelson and Boucher voted NO on placing the bond propositions on the ballot for Shreveport citizens.

Their public comments obviously serve to undercut passage of this bond propositions.

Nickelson sounded off on the audit at Monday’s council work session.                                         

Boucher followed up with similar remarks during a KEEL radio interview yesterday. He even said Shreveport was teetering on bankruptcy.

Both of these council members received a draft of the audit–as did other council members.

All council members were cautioned in the transmittal of the draft audit to not publicly discuss it.

Bombastic self-serving sound bites are not consistent with good government principles.

These two council members ran their campaigns on this platform.

 As they say, talking the talk is much different from walking the walk.