In a few weeks. Shreveport mayor Adrian Perkins will announce his selection for Shreveport’s next permanent police chief.

Former SPD chief Alan Crump resigned effective July 31. State law requires that Perkins must fill the vacancy within 60 days–which is Sunday, Sept. 29.

Crump went on medical leave in November 2018. Then mayor Ollie Tyler named Ben Raymond as the provisional chief on Nov. 13 of last year.

Under Shreveport’s mayor-council form of government, the appointment of the SPD chief is by the mayor. The Shreveport city council must confirm the decision.

All seven applicants who took the civil service exam passed, with scores ranging from 78 to 94: provisional police chief Ben Raymond (94); Lt. Janice Dailey (92); Sgt. Michael Carter (89); Cpl. Jason Frazier (89); Sgt. Kevin Strickland (88); asst. police chief Wayne Smith (86); and Lt. Tedris Smith (78). The minimum passing score is 75.

The mayor’s eight-person advisory committee is to meet Sept. 13.

They are Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator; Caddo D.A. James Stewart; Natchitoches Sheriff Victor James; attorneys Laurie Lyons and Ron Miciotto; retired SPD assist. Chief E. J. Lewis; former Crime Stoppers director Jim Taliaferro; and Shreveport city council chair Jerry Bowman Jr.

The committee has been directed to select 3 finalists. These are not to be ranked in order of priority.

The Shreveport city council work session is on Mon. Sept 23. It is expected that Perkins will announce his selection at that time–if not sooner. The council can confirm the appointment at its regular meeting on Tues. Sept. 24.

With the except of Wayne Smith and Tedris Smith, all the candidates are white. Dailey is the only female applicant.

Traditionally Shreveport’s police chief and fire chief have not been of the same race. Shreveport Fire Chief Scott Wolverton is white.

Whether or not race will be a factor in Perkin’s selection is unknown. The same is true of sex as a factor.

What is known is that Raymond has been participating in the community meetings to explain the bond propositions that will be on the November general election ballot. One of the issues Perkins must deal with is the impact of his selection on his bond package, and especially a change in the police chief position before the vote.

In the perfect world, Perkins could announce his new chief after the bond election. If the public votes against it, critics will no doubt point to his selection of a new leader as one of the factors.