People have been talking a lot about political yard signs. Columnist John Settle asks the question: Is Chris David following the rules?

It happens in virtually every Caddo Parish election.

Yard signs pop up like spring weeds.

The problem is that many are posted in violation of the Shreveport ordinances.

In this case, it’s the Unified Development Code.

The 2019 Political Sign Fact Sheet from the Shreveport -Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission is attached.

The guidelines clearly state the following:

 Yard signs can not be on public property. This includes the city property between the streets and sidewalks.

 Yard signs posted on private property must be with the permission of the property owner.

Yard signs posted on vacant/undeveloped property require a signed form submitted to the Office of Public Works before being posted.

Yard signs on residential property can not exceed 8 square feet in size.

Yard signs on a non-residential property cannot exceed 16 square feet in size.

It goes without saying that political signs do not vote. And for those that know local politics, it’s a maxim that the number of signs does not really indicate the strength of a political candidate.

Compliance with the rules on yard signs is essential for many reasons. The most basic concerns the future actions of the candidate. If not going to follow the rules while running for office, then what behavior can be expected if elected.

Those that drive the streets in Caddo Commission district 4 will undoubtedly notice many Chris David signs.

Those that observe carefully will realize that many of these are at rental properties. Some are on vacant lots as well.

In one sense, the signs speak for themselves.