Do liquor stores really have more clout than grocery stores with the Shreveport City Council? Columnist John Settle discusses the issue of hard liquor sales in Shreveport.

For the thousands of parents losing sleep over possible evils in Shreveport grocery stores, there is good news. They can now rest at night.

They may still have concerns over backpacks, excessive heat, school lunches, and bus schedules.  But the overriding stay awake at night fear disappeared at the Shreveport City Council meeting yesterday.

An ordinance proposing the sale of hard alcohol at Shreveport grocery stores was withdrawn by its sponsor, councilman Grayson Boucher, due to lack of support.

That unusual loud noise last night was a collective sigh of relief from parents all over the city. Their children will still be able to grocery shop with them without looking at those evil liquor bottles.

Even better yet, kids will not be compelled to ride home with mom and dad with liquor bottles in the car–purchased at a grocery store. Now, if there is a stop along the way at a liquor store, well...

And all those adoring children can now only be exposed to beer and wine purchased at the grocery store.

Maybe their parents can steer the grocery cart around those aisles that stock those sinful products to lessen exposure to evil.

Seemingly the 90 plus liquor stores in Shreveport have more clout than realized.

Or maybe the majority of the council really wants to make sure Shreveport has the distinction of being the old town, municipality or city in the state with no hard booze in grocery stores.

The next time citizens see sponsorship of local events and organizations by grocery stores, they should challenge the liquor store crowd to match these efforts.