Hope Public Schools District Nurse Renee Sells, RN said the Arkansas State Board of Health has issued new requirements for student immunization practices which will become effective Sept. 1.

“The complete text of the notice of the requirements will be posted in English and Spanish on the school district website and on the websites of each campus,” according to Sells.

She said the ABH requirements notice has been issued by Hope Public Schools under the authority of Superintendent Dr. Bobby Hart.

Sells said parents should contact their child’s primary care physician or the Hempstead County Health Department to arrange an appointment for immunization updates. The HCHD may be reached at 870-777-2191 during regular business hours.

“Students not in compliance after October 1, 2019, will not be allowed to attend school,” the ABH states. “Please make sure your child is in compliance for the 2019-2020 school year.” 

All students in grades K-12 will be required to have undergone a specific regimen of immunizations based upon specific birthdates, including:
  • Four (4) doses DTP/DT/Td/DTaP, with one (1) dose on or after fourth (4th) birthdate.
  • Three (3) doses of the polio vaccine, with one (1) dose on or after fourth (4th) birthdate.
  • Two (2) doses MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), with one (1) dose on or after first (1st) birthdate.
Other immunizations are to be administered based upon separate requirements, including:
  • Three (3) doses Hepatitis B vaccine; all students K-12.
  • Two (2) doses Varicella with first (1st) dose on or after first (1st) birthdate; all students K-12.  “Physician documentation only for the history of disease will be accepted.”
  • Kindergarten and first (1st) grade students required to have one (1) dose of Hepatitis A.
  • All students 11 years and older by Sept. 1 of each year will be required to have a Tdap vaccination.
  • All seventh (7th) grade students required to have one dose MCV4 (Meningococcal) vaccine with a second (2nd) dose administered at age 16. If not vaccinated before age 16, one (1) dose is required.