The Louisiana Legislature recently changed the rules that precluded home delivery of alcohol, and columnist John Settle breaks down what's at stake for possible local delivery.

Can you have alcohol delivered to your door in Shreveport?

Yep, hard liquor, beer and wine can arrive at your doorstep along with a meal. That’s in certain towns and cities in Louisiana. What a deal!

The Louisiana Legislature enacted 2 bills in the recent session to allow restaurants, grocery stores, package stores, and third-party agents to deliver factory-sealed alcohol beverage to homes throughout the state. So, now you can get booze with your food orders!

All you will need is someone to answer the door with an ID showing age 21. That has to be the same person who ordered the hooch.

Now all the closet drinkers can get booze without putting in a grocery cart or being seen at a liquor store. Provided you don’t live where a local ordinance prohibits.

So...welcome to Shreveport.

To allow home deliveries of booze in Shreveport, the convoluted, out-dated, and non-sensical Shreveport alcohol ordinances must be updated. Progress on this task has been slow, like in turtle speed.

To his credit, councilman Grayson Boucher is attempting to eliminate the physical separation requirement that prevents the sale of liquor in grocery stores. And the sale of alcohol at a high-end meat store. However, cheeses, chips, snacks, etc. can be sold in liquor stores, along with CBD oil.

Opposition by Thrifty’s and Cuban Liquor has cited all the "evils" of having kids see hard liquor in retail establishments that allow entry to persons under the age of 21.  They have equated these to exposure to the ebola virus.

The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control is now accepting permit applications from retail businesses for alcohol home delivery. The first permits are expected to be issued in early August.

But if you are waiting for home delivery, don’t get your hopes. Reportedly many council members are opposed to this notion.

How soon progress on revising Shreveport’s alcohol ordinances is not expected anywhere near that soon. Hopefully, after the council approves a bond package on Aug. 13, this much-needed revision will have a top priority.