Retired Air Force Col. Steve dePyssler turns 100 years old on Sunday!

On Friday, July 19, there is a sold-out birthday celebration for him at the Bossier City Center with just more than 300 guests.

While the event is full, everyone can still reach out and wish Col. dePyssler a “Happy Birthday” and help him celebrate this fantastic milestone of a life well-lived.

Barksdale Air Force is helping plan the event along with groups like the Ark-La-Tex Military Officers Association of America.

"Col. D.," as he affectionately called, is a veteran of four wars starting with WWII and served on active duty for 38 years.

 For the past 40 years, he has volunteered at the base retiree office, helping so many veterans and their family members, as well as contributed so much to Bossier Parish and Louisiana in support of veterans.

Below is the program of events for the celebration:

Colonel dePyssler's 100th Birthday Party
Bossier City Civic Center
July 19, 2019

1730         Social Hour / Pay Bar

1830         Opening Ceremony                    M.C. Lt. Colonel George Finck

                 Presentation of Colors                Barksdale AFB Color Guard
                 National Anthem                       Music
                 Pledge of Allegiance                   By all
                 Retire Colors                              Barksdale AFB Color Guard
                 Invocation                                 Lt. Colonel George Finck

1840         Welcoming remarks                   Bossier Mayor Lo Walker
                                                                  Ark-La-Tex MOAA President Col Mike Dilda

                 Intro Distinguished guests  Col Mike Dilda
                                                          (Note:  Special mention: U-Tapao Thailand grp)

1850         Birthday Cake Presentation        George Finck / Mike Dilda / Fred Acosta
                 Buffet dinner                             Minden, LA
                   - Colonel dePyssler video

1935         Proclamation/remarks                 LA Governor John Bel Edwards

1945         Proclamation/remarks                 1) LA Senator Ryan Gatti
                                                                  2) LA Representative Barbara Norton
                                                                  3) Bossier City Mayor “LO” Walker
                                                                  4) Shreveport City Mayor
                                                                             - ______________________
                                                                                   or (Ken Epperson)
                                                                  5) Caddo Parrish Commission, President
                                                                             - Stormy Gage-Watts
                                                                  6) Veterans Celebration Cmte.
                                                                             - Mr. Ken Epperson

2010         Greetings                                   George Finck / Col Mike Dilda
                   - Presidential (pending)
                   - LA Senator John Kennedy
                   - LA Senator Bill Cassidy
                   - MOAA President/CEO Dana Atkins
                   - MOAA Chairman, Board of Directors Chairman Admiral Walter Doran
                   - Cmdr, Air Force Global Strike Command General Tim Rey

                 Remarks by friends                     General Howard Fish
                                                                  CMSgt Jim Vanderberry (gift presentation)

2020         Entertainment                            Dave Hutchings (Elvis Presley)
2050         Closing remarks                         Colonel dePyssler
2055         Closing prayer                            Lt. Colonel George Finck
2058         God Bless America                      Dave Hutchings