The Four States region is abuzz on social media about Picasso - the snapping turtle — who was close to becoming roadkill but ended up in one of Texas' most beautiful lakes.

Police officers Zackary Gilley and Jonathan Price were sent on a call the evening of May 21 and found Picasso the snapping turtle in the roadway.

Of course, the officers knew that the snapping turtle needed some good luck, and he found it with Gilley and Price.

The officers buckled him in and gave him an Uber-ific drive to the beautiful Bringle Lake.

Then, they set him free... and the rest is history.

Hopefully, Picasso will have a long and healthy life and will thrill fishermen and Texas A&M students who pass him over the next few years.

Thanks to Officers Gilley and Price for a job well done — that's one lucky turtle.

Officers Jonathan Price and Zackary Gilley were called out to Rose Hill and Dan Haskins Way tonight on a snapping turtle...
Posted by Texarkana Texas Police Department on Tuesday, May 21, 2019