Canton's Johnnie Krawietz is a certified record breaker in a state where breaking important established records is supremely difficult.

The state of Texas has 254 counties and more than 1,000 school districts - many of whom are constantly trying to break previous records from years gone by.

But the future Abilene Christian University player beat the odds by becoming the pitcher with the most consecutive shutout innings in the entire state.

And for that, Johnnie Krawietz is — deservedly — a Texas sports superstar.

Krawietz told reporters that coming into the season he believed he "was going to be a lot better." But no one could have predicted what happened on May 2, 2019 when he broke the state record.

The pitcher said he didn't really try to think about breaking the record until he got closer to the goal.

As it approached, the momentum of his performance on the mound was palpable among coaches, fellow players and fans as they waited — and some even prayed — with every pitch.

Before reaching his goal, Johnnie Krawietz said: "It feels great, but I want to keep it going."

And in a moment of complete honesty, he confessed: "I want my name to be down forever."

Indeed, it will be.

Johnnie Krawietz is a name that will be remembered. His perseverance — even as the pressure accelerated on him to break the record — is inspiring to every Northeast Texas citizen and baseball players all around the state of Texas.

Some people crumble under the pressure and others rise to the moment.

The first half of May 2019 is Johnnie Krawietz's moment, and it will never be forgotten.