You have to give the Bossier Chamber of Commerce some credit for making what might otherwise be a boring video about upcoming Bossier events fun and entertaining.

The "Bossier Chamber Weekly Update" videos from the Bossier Chamber are usually hosted by Jessica on her own, but a new force in Bossier entertainment is upon us. Think Batman meets Superman.

Even though they do not appear to have superpowers, this duo is called Katie and Jessica, and they have a unique and quirky chemistry. By the way, they decided to call themselves "The Katie and Jessica Show" in the first minute of the show, so we're happily embracing it.

Maybe by accident, but probably by lots of hard work behind the scenes, the less than 8-minute video works for the Instagram generation and viewers of all ages as well.  Moreover, the pair really have a great rhythm with their banter, and that is hard to find on any talk show. If you watch the video below, it becomes evident that the Bossier Chamber should embrace what already works: Jessica as host and Katie frequently interjecting with different information that is interesting to viewers.

The "Katie and Jessica" format hearkens back to many years ago when local radio hosts would casually talk about local events on-air and intermingle interesting tidbits and personal opinions. Due to needed commercial breaks, national news feeds and pre-programmed music, much of this has stopped on local radio.

In the video, Katie and Jessica first speak about a joint proclamation about Military May from both Shreveport and Bossier, and it is very right of them to highlight this important month. For instance, The Defenders of Liberty Air and Space Show will take place in Bossier Parish at Barksdale AFB, Bossier Parish will see significant tax revenue from the event. And, as you can see in the video below, the Bossier Chamber truly appreciates the service of members of the military and veterans.

We won't spoil the show, but the women even talk about an event that informs viewers they can play golf with them and other Bossier Chamber members. The two also smile, laugh and almost finish each other's sentences in a very endearing way. Although the women seem to have decided what they were going to discuss on the show, it is definitely not scripted. And that adds to its charm.

So here's hoping "The Katie and Jessica Show" will become a regular thing. A weekly dose of the talented and engaging pair from the Bossier Chamber could really become a must-watch event for Bossier Parish and the surrounding area. As more people find out about it, events by the Chamber and Chamber members would be a big beneficiary.

Plus, it's fun to watch - something absolutely no one would expect to say about a Chamber of Commerce video.