Department of Transportation Secretary, Dr. Shane Wilson, signed a contract to build an road that allow Barksdale Air Force Base to be accessed from the I-20/I-220 interchange in Bossier Parish. The contract was signed on April 24, 2019.

It is estimated that this project will take approximately 2 and half years to complete because a new road will have to be constructed that will extend southward from the I-220/I-20 interchange that leads into the base. It is hoped that this will eliminate safety issues that have arisen from congestion and railroad crossings at the entrance of the base.

“Congratulations to everyone who made this possible,” Gov. Edwards said. “I know that a lot of hard work went using GARVEE Bonds for the first time in the state's history."

The Governor said he announced his intention to complete this project - that was decades old - in January of 2018. At the time, he said it had not received any clearances, but today he proudly said the contract was finalized.

"This is one of many important projects we are advancing to put the people of Louisiana first," Gov. Edwards added. "This is going to make a major difference to the Barksdale Air Force Base, residents, and commuters in Northwest Louisiana, and the state’s economy.”

According to DOTD Sec. Shawn Wilson: “This is one of the most significant steps in arriving at the point of turning dirt on a project. This project is of particular importance to the community because this new gate will transform the way commercial deliveries enter Barksdale Air Force Base, vastly improving security and traffic congestion.”

The project and two additional infrastructure projects are being funded through GARVEE bonds which will be repaid over twelve years utilizing federal money allocated for Louisiana.

There will be a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the start of the project which will be held on May 14, 2019.