Bill Moyers returned home with his beautiful wife Judith to see an exhibit based on his life at the Harrison County Historical Museum.

The museum was excited about the visit: "We were absolutely thrilled to host Marshall's own Bill and Judith Moyers and their wonderful family at our museum," a museum spokesperson said.

This was the very first visit of Bill Moyers to the newly restored courthouse and the exhibit openings. The spokesperson said the couple was "very proud of what their home community has accomplished."

It was the hope of the museum that Mr. Moyers was pleased the exhibit that featured him titled "We Are Harrison County" gallery. The spokesperson added: Listening to Mr. Moyers read the "What I Want to Be When I Grow up" essay he wrote as a young student touched our hearts."

You might ask what did a young Bill Moyers want to be? It was a radio newsman. Really no surprise there as Bill Moyers has always known what he wants.

The Harrison County Historical Museum in Marshall, Texas is in the process of planning events for its grand opening of a major exhibition titled, "Service & Sacrifice: Harrison County At War." The museum recently teased the long awaited opening on their Facebook page.

Among many curated artifacts, the beautifully staged exhibit will feature a "Hometown Heroes" lobby, where 3 sponsored memorial choices are offered so that a lasting memorial remembrance may be purchased to honor friends and family who served our country. An expansive entry atrium showcases a large map table with individual points of illumination representing a major historical military action and a timeline which corresponds to key events.

A "Warfront" section offers impressive staging along with a variety of interactive elements. Photos, visualized descriptions and war gear is shown, some of which was utilized by actual Marshall, Harrison County and east Texas residents.

The "Homefront" portion of the exhibit covers multiple aspects of wartime life. A series of 5 videos (with audio rendered by clever old fashioned telephone style devices) describe the enlistment process of 'joining up' for military service. Keystone artifacts such as flags, uniforms and documents are attractively displayed and intermingled with photo blowups and easy to understand themed titling.

This first class exhibit was designed by MuseWork, LLC: a boutique exhibit planning and design firm. The installation theming is vivid, yet respectful and seamlessly incorporates and intermingles the past into the present.

We look forward to the grand opening of this interesting, carefully planned and exquisitely rendered installation. It will be a key educational and historical source of knowledge for Marshall, Northeast Texas, the ArkLaTex and beyond.