Reader's response to John Settle's article about political signs in Caddo Parish was tremendous.

So the columnist is making a rare response to issues addressed by local citizens below:

Several readers have emailed me asking about political signs after my column yesterday.

The Shreveport Unified Development Code regulates political yard signs.  If these are posted on vacant, undeveloped land, then there is hoop to jump through.

Written consent to the placement of the sign must be filed with the Shreveport Department of Public Works.

Gary Norman, Public Works director, advises that NO permission forms have been filed with his office.

This writer is not a political sign policeman. But I do ride the streets in my district.
Several signs of Chris David are on vacant, undeveloped lots.

So it appears—and the operative word is “appear”–that David is not in compliance with the Shreveport ordinance.

Political signs are also prohibited in the area between the street and the sidewalks. David has several signs in this area.

Political signs always catch my attention. There may be other violations by other candidates, but none have jumped out into my field of vision.

Generally, I write one column identifying an issue and move on. However, push back on the column published yesterday motivated me to write a followup.

Hopefully this is the last column on this issue. I have other “fish to fry.”