There was not a dry eye in the Shreveport City Council chambers in mid-August. And there shouldn’t have been.

Ivy Shelby-Williams addressed the council and the mayor at the beginning of the meeting. She is the widow of the local postman Antonio D. Williams.

He was gunned down while delivering mail to a citizen’s door.

The widow thanked the many who had responded to the shooting, had attempted to save her husband’s life, and after that provided assistance and solace to her family. And the list was long.

The family gave plaques acknowledging these people.

The most poignant presentation was to Shreveport Police Corporal Sabrina Dallas and Sergeant Saletha Clanton. These two were the first to respond to the shooting, and they administered CPR until EMS arrived.

The apparent bond between these three ladies was overwhelming.

No doubt, the police officers and Mrs. Shelby-Williams were strangers before the shooting. Seeing them at the council podium with tears in their eyes and hugging each other was an overwhelming emotional experience. It was like watching sisters reuniting after a long absence.

The Williams family also thanked Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins, councilman Jerry Bowman Jr., the Shreveport Police Department, the Shreveport Fire Department, the U.S Postal workers and inspectors, the Barksdale Air Force Base 2d Medical Group, Heavenly Gates Funeral Home and the Southside Riders Motorcycle Club.

The death of Williams was a tragedy. The appearance of his widow was a triumph.

Article by John Settle.