In a special called board meeting on Thursday, August 1, the Pleasant Grove Independent School District Board of Trustees approved the 2019-2020 PGISD Compensation Plan.

The approved plan calls for an average pay increase of $7,114 for teachers, counselors, nurses, and librarians, a six percent increase for auxiliary employees, and a 4% increase for administrators.

The compensation plan for teachers, counselors, nurses, and librarians includes base pay above the new state salary schedule with additional compensation in the form of a stipend given to every teacher.

Total compensation for teachers, counselors, nurses, and librarians range from $37,600 for an employee with zero years of experience to $60,000 for an employee with 25 years of experience.

The compensation plan represents an increase in pay ranging from 6% to 22%.
Superintendent Chad Pirtle stated, “The Pleasant Grove ISD teachers and staff deserve to be compensated well for their outstanding work with our students.

The PGISD Board of Trustees should be commended for their support of our staff and their vote to approve this plan. This plan is a representation of the high level of commitment Pleasant Grove places on education.”

The approved compensation plan was a result of the new funding from House Bill 3 out of the 86th Legislative session which increased state funding. Pleasant Grove ISD projects to receive 2.2 million dollars from the recent legislation.