Long-time registrar Ernie Roberson resigned effective July 15. The Caddo Commission must appoint his successor by Oct. 14

Twenty-one applications were submitted to the Caddo Commission to fill this position. All but one of these met the statutory requirements.

The list of applicants qualified by commission attorney Donna Frazier are:

    Charles W. Allum

    Ladonna Broomfield

    Thomas Caughan Carmody Jr.

    Billy R. Casey

    Paula Collins

    Justin Courtney

    Darrin Dixon

    Jeff Everson

    Fermand M. Garlington

    Reginald D. Johnson

    R.J. Johnson

    Kenneth Joseph Krefft

    Kevin Langley

    Darrell Morris

    Andrew Lee Randall, Jr.

     Colvin Roberson

    Alvin Scott Sr.

    Dale L. Sibley

    Arthur C. Smalls, Jr.

    Charles C. Taylor, II

The commission...being a minimum of 7 of the 12 commissioners...will interview all 20  applicants.

Each applicant will be asked the same 4 questions from a sealed process. Interviews are not to exceed 30 minutes per person.

The interviews will be held on 2 separate days. The commission will set these at the Sept. 3 meeting.

It is unknown at this time if all the qualified applicants will in fact interview for the position.

The voting process will allow each commissioner to cast one vote for one applicant. Consecutive votes will be taken until one applicant receives a majority vote of the commissioners.

The position is a lifetime appointment. The starting salary set by state law is $83,000.