The terms of all twelve  Caddo Parish commissioners end this year.

Well... technically at the first Commission meeting of next year.

The parish charter limits commissioners to 3 consecutive four year terms.

Doug Dominick represents District 1. He is termed out.  Candidates for this seat are  Ken Brown, Patrick Harrington, and Todd Hopkins. All the candidates are Republicans.

Lyndon Johnson represents District 2. He is unopposed for his third term. Johnson is a Democrat.

Steven Jackson represents District 3. He is unopposed for his second term. Jackson is a Democrat.

Matthew Linn is the District 4 commissioner.  He is termed out. Vying for his seat are James Carstensen, Chris David and John-Paul Young. All three are Republicans.

Jerald Bowman is the District 5 commissioner.  Bowman decided to not seek re-election after one term. Roy Burrell is unopposed for this seat. Burrell is a Democrat.

District 6 is represented by Lynn Cawthorne, who is seeking re-election to a second term. He is opposed by Steffon Jones. Both are Democrats.

District 7 is represented by commission president Stormy Gage-Watts, the only female on the commission. She is seeking re-election to her second term unopposed. Gage-Watts is a Democrat.

Mike Middleton is the District 8 commissioner. He is not seeking re-election after one term. Jim Taliaferro is unopposed for this seat. He is a Republican.

John Atkins represents District 9. He is unopposed for a second term. Atkins is a Republican.

Mario Chavez, commission vice-president, represents District 10. Chavez is seeking re-election to a second term. He is opposed by Quinton Aught. Chavez is a Republican. Aught is a Democrat.

Jim Smith represents District 11. He is termed out. Ed Lazarus and Parker Ward are running for this seat. Both are Republicans.

Louis Johnson represents District 12. He is seeking re-election. He is opposed by Ken Epperson. Both are Democrats.

The primary election is on Oct. 12. Any run-off election will be on Nov. 16.