Tiny baby Faith is a raccoon who beat the odds. And she also loves to hold hands.

While Faith currently lives a very happy life at the comfortable Hochatown Petting Zoo, her first days on Earth started out much harder. And she wouldn't be alive but for the concern and persistence of a Southeast Oklahoma resident.

It all started when a local resident heard some tiny cries. The resident was very perplexed and could not figure out where the cries were coming from. However, the person was sure it sounded like the cries of a baby animal.

The cries continued. Still, the local resident was not sure where the sound was originating.

After a few days, the local resident narrowed the search down and discovered tiny baby Faith completely covered in ants and barely clinging to life.

She was the only one left of her family because her brothers and sisters were deceased.

After she was found, one of the hardworking volunteers at Hochatown Petting Zoo mentioned that she had "faith" that the tiny baby raccoon would make it after going through all obvious trauma and the loss of her siblings.

Thankfully, the baby raccoon did make it. Because of this, it was decided that she would be called "Faith."

The petting zoo reports: "Faith is thriving and not only loves her bottles, but also holding hands."

Indeed, the baby raccoon is doing so well, Hochatown Petting Zoo made a video of Faith and posted it online. You can see it below.  "Look at her sweet paws hold on as she relaxes and feeds," the petting zoo spokesperson said.

What a wonderful story, and all of us in the Ark-La-Tex region will be praying for the continued health and happiness of Faith.

Editor's note: Hochatown Petting Zoo is doing amazing work caring for animals like Faith, and they have set up an Amazon wishlist for the tiny racoon if you would like to send her food or supplies for her care. Click here if you would like to see Faith's wishlist.

BABY FAITH UPDATE!!! 🥰🦝🍼 SHE LOVES HOLDING HANDS & HER BOTTLES If you don’t know Faith’s story: A local resident heard a baby crying outside day after day, but could never find exactly where the sound was coming from. Finally after a few days they discovered this little girl covered in ants; sadly her siblings had all passed away. One of our amazing volunteers said that she had FAITH this precious baby girl would pull through after surviving all of that, and so we named her Faith. Well her FAITH was true because baby Faith is thriving and not only loves her bottles, but also holding hands. Look at her sweet paws 🐾 hold on as she relaxes and feeds. You can send Faith her favorite milk, blankets, and more from her amazon list! >>> https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/ESNLVWJUBULT?ref_=wl_share
Posted by Hochatown Petting Zoo on Wednesday, July 10, 2019