For the last few years, the website WalletHub continually places Shreveport high on the list of the most stressed cities. 

This year Shreveport is supposedly the #10 most stressed city. But we don't believe it. Here's why:

WalletHub used 39 criteria for determination and ranked 182 cities this year. But our view is that Shreveport should be ranked outside the Top 25. We'll explain our reasoning below.

First, it is perplexing that Shreveport is even listed in the Top 10 overall for 2019's Most Stressed City. That's because the city doesn't even crack the Top 14 in any of the four most important metrics of stress as determined by WalletHub.

For instance, Shreveport is rated #34 for work stress, #15 for financial stress, #26 for family stress, and #31 for health and safety stress. Those are the main four categories - yet WalletHub is saying Shreveport ranks #10 overall for stress based on other types that are more subjective and much less important.

Every other city in the Top 10 places at least #7 in one of the four most important metrics. But Shreveport's top ranking in the most essential parameters listed below is #15 for financial stress, and the next closest is #26 for family stress.

If you average the most critical four metrics, Shreveport will rank overall at #26 on the list of Most Stressed Cities. That means Shreveport shouldn't even be in the Top 25 and indeed not the Top 10.

Likewise, most people would argue that Shreveport is currently on the upswing and doing well.

The Downtown Development Authority is making great strides with the city's famous downtown area, the city is moving closer to getting its own law school, and many local businesses are thriving.

Therefore, viewing these top metrics leads us to believe that Shreveport should not be in the Top 10 or even the Top 25 overall. Indeed, Ark-La-Tex citizens should view Shreveport's Top 10 finish skeptically. 

Editor's note: The Top 10 as determined by WalletHub on the Most Stressed City list were: #1 Detroit, #2 Cleveland, #3 Newark, #4 Baltimore, #5 Philadelphia, #6 St. Louis, #7 Cincinnati, #8 Birmingham, #9 Wilmington, Delaware and #10 Shreveport.

Click on the interactive map below to see other cities' positions on the list.

Source: WalletHub