New statistics lead to an interesting conclusion from columnist John Settle.

It’s a reality that is unlikely to change: Gaming revenues statewide and locally are on the decline.  June’s reports were again a dismal read.

The local market has 6 casinos and Louisiana Downs, a racino.  June’s totals from the casinos was 6.7% less than May.  The track was off 6.6%.

Comparisons of June 2018 with June 2019 are also sad.  There was a 11.6% decline in casino revenues. The Downs  suffered a 3.1% loss.

Statewide there was a 5.2% loss in June from May of this year for casinos.  Compared to June 2018, the loss was 10.2%.

Increased competition from tribal casinos in Oklahoma is a primary reason for the market decline.  And now Oaklawn in Hot Springs is another competitor. To add insult to injury an Oaklawn casino is advertising for gaming workers locally.

Gaming revenues for the city of Shreveport and Bossier are diminishing. This places more strain on city budgets.