Have you had that talk with a family member, friend or your doctor about trying to be healthier this summer?

Many of us have as we try to squeeze into swimsuits after major feasts at all the new restaurants in the Texarkana region.

The hardest part of getting healthy is starting the process — as many of us will recall when thinking back to our New Year's resolutions more than five months ago.

The Texarkana USA Chamber of Commerce joined with Texarkana Nutrition to host a ribbon cutting on June 4, 2019 for a company that can help you with your health goals — Texarkana Nutrition. Chamber Ambassadors and local community members were present.

Owner Tonja Hodde said Texarkana Nutrition (aka Shake the Weight) is a unique combination of three concepts in one: “We believe everyone wants to feel great, be at their ideal health, and would like it to taste great and be affordable,” she explained.

"The mission is to help Texarkana get healthier and happier," she said.

According to Hodde, Texarkana Nutrition provides a service where people can get healthy smoothies and energy green teas ready-made. There are a variety of options from healthy snacks, iced protein coffee, collagen in a drink form, and an NSF approved athletic line of products, she said.

“We are ‘fast food for smart people.’ As wellness coaches, we also provide a Free Body Analysis that will help individuals learn important, specific wellness information, such as their personal protein factor and how many calories their body burns a day,” said Hodde.

“We also collaborate with corporations and local businesses to initiate wellness programs that increase productivity and performance through a team atmosphere with their employee at no cost to the company,” Hodde explained.

The Texarkana Nutrition business owner said the location offers wellness coaches that create "personal relationships clients "to help them reach their health goals."

"All of this is done for free," she said. "In turn, the products are available for at-home use with their recipes to ensure success."

Photo above: Tonja Hodde addresses the crowd on Tuesday at their ribbon cutting for the Arkansas Boulevard location.