Barksdale Airmen prepare and take off for a U.S. Central Command Bomber Task Force May 2019, and a video was made of the departure by Airman 1st Class Katelin Britton.

The Bomber Task Force is deploying to the U.S. CENTCOM area of responsibility in order to defend U.S. interests in the region.

Here is the narration for the video:  [Narrator] Our ability to put combat capability anywhere on the planet is unparalleled. (suspenseful music) (gunshots booming) You have to be able to pull together an inordinate number of different expertise in order to make sure that all of the training is done, the logistics are taken care of, the processing of the deploying members is done, and it takes an enormous team of exceptional experts to make sure this is all in place. (engine revving) I would like to echo the US Central Command Commander General McKenzie. We're not lookin' for a fight, but if there is to be a fight, make no mistake, it will not be a fair one. (dramatic music).