People of all ages are coming together to help after the tornado and storms in the Ruston area.

And the Lincoln Parish Sheriff's Department took time to thank a few young men who started a lemonade stand who donated $100.00 to go towards the recovery effort.

It's all hands on deck - from young to old - as Ruston rebuilds and mourns the loss of two precious lives.

The Sheriff's Department said: "We would like to personally thank Jase Martin, Nolan Martin, Cooper Specht, Samuel Specht and Mason Williams for their very generous efforts and donation made today for repairs in Ruston."

The young men - on their own accord - went into a local neighborhood and set up a lemonade stand that raised more than $100. They donated the money to go towards repairs from the storm damage.

This led the Lincoln Parish Sheriff's Department to say: "Very well done gentleman, you make us all proud."

Indeed, we are all proud of Jase, Nolan, Cooper, Samuel and Mason for joining in the community spirit as we all prove that our community is #RustonStrong.