Kids in Haughton will be mesmerized when by the team behind Science Tellers present Aliens: Escape from Earth!

During the entire performance of this intergalactic story, science experience help bring life to the story.

The story revolves around a meteor shower around midnight when something falls from the sky toward Earth that is mysterious. At the same time, two kids go into the forest to find out what is going on and then find themselves intertwined with another family of visitors who are actually from another planet.

Science Tellers use physics and chemistry to tell the story. For instance, liquid will be turned into solid "worms" with a chemical reaction, a potato will be launched into the air utilizing Boyle's law, a fly rocket will be made using common chemicals anyone has at home and energy will be transferred to create what will appear to be a rainstorm.

All of the fun will take place at the Haughton Library Branch on June 12 from 11 am to 12 pm. Any child even somewhat interested in science will be amazed and challenged by the Science Tellers team as they present Aliens: Escape from Earth!