People have been talking about the website for the City of Nash, and the city has been asked questions about the site from local citizens.

Well, to be more precise, the talk is about the lack of a website. That's because if you go to, all you will see is: "Website Expired - This account has expired."

One of our news reporters called the city on Wednesday, April 17, and he was told the lack of a website had been "discussed around the office" since Monday, April 15. The person he talked to said it was "being worked on" and that the site would be "up soon."

It is now the morning of April 22, 2019, and there is still no website. It's possible that with the Easter holiday there has been a delay. But that's a real problem for citizens who need vital phone numbers that are very difficult to find anywhere else.

Here's hoping the new website is up soon. The City of Nash is a wonderful place, but it might be concerning for developers wanting to open a new business in Nash if the city website says "Website Expired" for an extended period of time. That said, technical problems can and do happen. They are often even harder to fix on holidays. So maybe everyone who is concerned about it should give the City of Nash the benefit of the doubt... unless the issue is not addressed soon.

Hopefully, the problem is something simple. We will let you know when the website is live again.