This week, Tishomingo, Oklahoma tragically lost one of its most beautiful young citizens when Cassiel Jones was killed in a driveway accident that has caused heartbreak all around Southeast Oklahoma.

Sadly, Grammy Award-winning Christian music star Steven Curtis Chapman knows exactly what it's like to lose a daughter in this horrible way when his son accidentally hit his daughter, 5-year-old Maria, in a driveway accident at the family home in Franklin, Tennessee almost eleven years ago.

Steven Curtis Chapman said the death hit him and his family like an "emotional earthquake." Following Maria's death, the family was so devastated that the singer, his wife, their three daughters and two sons went everywhere together and even decided to sleep in the same room for a period of time to support each other.

According to Chapman, his mood was so dark that it could only be described as "a black hole" and that he felt himself being pulled into despair.

While time could not heal this wound, it did help. And Chapman said music and the church brought him through the trials and tribulations of losing a child in the most sudden of ways.

The first song Chapman wrote after Maria's death will hopefully give comfort to the people of Tishomingo and Cassiel's family members. The lyrics are full of raw emotion about an incident that changes a family forever.

In the song, Chapman addresses the guilt felt by someone like his son, Will, who was driving a vehicle that hits a loved one. In the song, Chapman comes to realize and understand that he will "just have to wait" to see Maria again... because he will - yes, he will - see his daughter again in heaven. But it won't be today or tomorrow - he will just have to wait. But that day will come. The lyrics include a line directly addressing the guilt his son is feeling about accidentally hitting Maria with the sports utility vehicle:
I can't wait to watch your brother's face; When he can finally see with his own eyes; Everything's okay; And I just have to wait; 'Cause I know that day is coming; And I just have to wait.
We cannot imagine what the family of Cassiel Jones is going through at this time, but we can celebrate the life of this wonderful and courageous girl. Maybe, just maybe, Steven Curtis Chapman's gut-wrenching experience dealing with the death of his 5-year old daughter and the song that he wrote about it will bring comfort to the Jones family and Southeast Oklahoma.